97% of Imagine RIT visitors would recommend Imagine RIT to a friend

Ninety-seven percent. That’s a compelling number. The 2009 Imagine RIT Visitor Survey yielded over 1,500 respondents. The results were positive and helpful. Here’s a bit about what we found.

When we asked, “What was your overall rating of the Imagine RIT Festival?” eighty-three percent of respondents said the Imagine RIT Festival needed little or no improvement. Sixteen percent said it needed “some” improvement. Only 1% said it needed much improvement. The data below gives some insight into areas were we may be able to improve.

Percent who “Agreed” or “Strongly Agreed” with the following statements:

Staff and exhibitors were friendly: 95%
Again this year, visitors found our staff and exhibitors to be friendly – a testament to the pride RIT’s students, faculty, staff have in what we do.

Parking was convenient: 86%
In 2010 we plan to have more roaming golf carts in the parking lots to bring visitors to Welcome Centers. Those who parked off site and were shuttled to RIT reported a positive experience.

It was easy to find my way around: 83%
We evaluate the program map and how we use signs each year and are constantly looking for cost effective ways to aid visitors in finding their way around campus. I feel that one of the best ways to help visitors is to assign more volunteers – in their bright orange shirts – to walk around campus and offer assistance to those in need.

Food was satisfactory: 70%
Visitors would still like to see a wider variety of food choices in more locations. We will continue to look for ways we can improve in this area.

Perhaps more valuable than the quantitative figures were the answers to the open ended questions. Here is one from an RIT Student: “I was unbelievably impressed by the festival. I have honestly never felt more proud of my university and to be a part of it.” Hundreds of comments similar to this are a testament of how the RIT Community comes together to showcase all the innovative and creative things we do.

Please feel free to comment here on what you liked best about the festival or ideas you have to improve the festival for 2010.


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