We’re Listening

A couple months ago I wrote about some of the feedback we received from visitors to Imagine RIT. Today, I’m going to focus on five ideas exhibitors shared with us.

1. A couple exhibitors mentioned wanting a way to promote their exhibit within their social goodIdea-Largenetwork prior to the event. We are going to create a template that includes the Imagine RIT logo and other information about the event that exhibitors (and others for that matter) will be able to download from our web site to promote the Festival.

2. Exhibitors appreciated the increased level of communication from the first year to the second, but many asked for additional information and reminders. One thing we are going to do is hold an Information Session for exhibitors earlier this year to answer questions, provide direction and gather ideas.

3. We hope to be able to provide meal vouchers to all exhibitors again this year (the food was generously donated last year). In addition, if free vouchers are provided, we will make sure those of you who do not eat pork are provided with a comparable alternative.

4. The T-shirt pick up process was confusing at times. This year exhibitors will be able to pick up their T-shirts from one central location, rather than having to attend one of the Information Sessions.

5. We received positive feedback about the program on the Imagine RIT web site, but we also learned that exhibitors want their names on the site. We are going to make this change and a number of other exciting improvements.

These are just five of the ideas we got from the 350-plus exhibitors that responded to our survey. I will touch on a number of other ideas later, but today want to stress that we value the feedback we received and are always looking for ways we can improve the exhibitor and visitor experience at Imagine RIT.


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