New Rules for Dr. Destler’s Green Vehicle Challenge

Last year RIT President Bill Destler challenged the RIT community to build a vehicle that would use less energy than his electric bicycle while traversing a 3-mile loop on campus. Ten teams responded to his challenge with a variety of innovative and creative designs.

Green Vehicle ChallengeThe challenge will continue at Imagine RIT on Saturday, May 1, 2010. A few of the rules have been modified for the second year. Most notably, the winning entrant will be the vehicle that completes the course with the lowest product of energy consumed and least amount of time. The only time restriction last year was that the entrants finish within 30 minutes. Also, the use of wind or solar power will count toward total energy consumed to encourage the use of renewable energy (last year it did not count). Overall, these new rules should raise the bar and make the challenge even more exciting.

Check out page 13 of Research at RIT magazine where you can read an article regarding the inaugural challenge and be sure to visit the Green Vehicle Challenge web page if you are interested in participating in 2010.


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