QR Codes: What Are They?

You may have seen images like this in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or elsewhere, and wondered what they are. A QR code is a special type of barcode that has information encoded into it, such as a URL, email address, or coupon. A QR code is deciphered by dedicated bar code readers and camera phones with the appropriate scanning software.

Imagine RIT plans to utilize QR codes in a huge way this year; possibly larger than they have been utilized to date at a festival. Each of the hundreds of exhibits at the event will be assigned their own QR code. With some help from Interlink One, a sign with the QR code along with other relevant information, such as its location and exhibit code, will be posted at each exhibit. When the QR code is scanned, it will link visitors to its unique website, providing them with more information about that exhibit.

One exhibit, hosted by RIT’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), located in the Gordon Field House, will showcase examples of various QR codes being used in our daily lives. They will also offer more information regarding QR codes and provide the technology to scan a QR code if visitors don’t have a smart phone of their own.

If you do own a smart phone and are still unsure how to properly use a QR code, download the free app, i-nigma, which is just one of many possible apps designed to read QR codes, by visiting the mobile web address: http://www.i-nigma.mobi/. This app will allow you to scan the QR code, perhaps the one at the top of this page, which will then take you to a website that the code is linked to, or allow you to view an address, name, coupon, etc.

Although QR Codes have been used in Japan since 1994, they are just catching on in American. What are YOUR thoughts? Did you know what a QR code was prior to reading this blog post? Do you think they will be helpful, especially at Imagine RIT?


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