Plan Your Day

The Plan Your Day section of the Imagine RIT website has undergone another redesign. The goal of each redesign is to help visitors get an idea of what to expect at Imagine RIT prior to showing up the first Saturday in May. After our 2010 Festival we received a number of great suggestions from visitors, volunteers and exhibitors in our post event survey. Here are some of the features to look for on the recently launched Plan Your Day section of our site.

  1. Tags: In addition to being able to search by location (we break the festival into 13 zones), you can find your favorite activities by using the tagging system we implemented this year.
  2. Kid-Friendly: Users of the site specifically asked for a way to identify “kid-friendly” exhibits, so we have created a tag for that this year. Kid-friendly exhibits are identified by the exhibitor as an activity appropriate for children 12 and under.
  3. Premade Itineraries: For visitors that are not sure where to start, we have developed a number of premade itineraries based on area of interest.
  4. Performances: There is a special section for performances on the site. These are the events that appear on one of the two performance stages and a variety of other locations across campus.
  5. Food: The feedback we have received each year suggests visitors want to know more about what food is available at Imagine RIT. In addition to highlighting food options more prominently in the paper version of the print program (available the morning of the event), there is a “Food” section on the Plan Your Day page.
  6. Exhibit-Codes: An arbitrary number has been assigned to each proposal in the past, but this year each exhibit has been assigned a six-character exhibit code. The first three characters indicate the building where the exhibit is located or OUT for outside exhibits. The second three characters are aimed at helping visitors find the exhibit within the building. For example, if the three-digit number begins with a 1, the exhibit is on the first floor. If the three-digit number begins with a 2, the exhibit is on the second floor.
  7. Facebook: If there is an exhibit that you think is really cool you can click “like” and it will post a message on your Facebook wall. Exhibitors that want to promote their exhibit to their friends will appreciate this feature.
  8. Popular Exhibits: The exhibits that have received the most interest (based on the number of itineraries that they have been added to) are featured on the main Plan Your Day page.
  9. Itinerary: The itinerary has undergone a number of improvements as well. Most importantly, the exhibits are automatically sorted by zone, so when the itinerary is printed, the exhibits near each other will be easier to find.
  10. Mobile Website: Plan You Day will be mobile friendly this year, allowing visitors to search the site and view their itineraries as they walk through campus the day of the event.

We hope these features improve your planning experience, but most of all we hope our Plan Your Day site helps you make the most of your day on May 7.


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