A Cappella Contest Winners

“You start with an idea. Make it come to life with hard work and time, until it comes out right. Harder than it looks. Creating something new. But in time you’ll see, hard work will pull you through,” are just the opening lyrics to Proof of Purchase’s Imagine RIT inspired song. After singing their last chorus, “with a flash of genius, you can make your dreams come true. With a flash of genius, oh, I believe in you. Yesterday you’re wasting time. Here’s the moment you’ve arrived, come on and let it shine. Imagine RIT!” the room resounded with applause from RIT’s president, Bill Destler, along with Festival Chairman, Barry Culhane. It seemed like choosing a winner for Imagine RIT’s first ever A Cappella Contest might be easy. However, no one was prepared for what came next.

“We’ve got robots, music, games galore, dorm-side bears and tigers (ROAR!). Everything you want and more. The answers are inside our doors!” Eight Beat Measure rapped. After performances like that, Dr. Destler knew that his choice wasn’t going to be easy at all. So, because he thought both songs were incredible, he decided to declare Proof of Purchase and Eight Beat Measure co-winners!

In order to hear the entire song, you’ll have to attend the Opening Ceremony at Imagine RIT on May 7. Each group will perform their song at the 10 am kick off!


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