Imagine RIT Launches Mobile Plan Your Day Site

by Ashley McCall

There are so many things to see at Imagine RIT. In previous years, visitors reported feeling overwhelmed by the experience, because there is so much to see in just one day. One new feature being introduced this year to help visitors find exhibits, view entertainment schedules, and locate food vendors is Imagine RIT Mobile:

The goal of Imagine RIT Mobile is to further actively engage visitors in the festival with the use of QR codes, social media, and location based searching. The benefit to a mobile website is that it’s not device dependent. Any visitor with an internet connected phone will be able to access Imagine RIT Mobile on the day of the festival.

Paralleling the innovation of the festival, Imagine RIT Mobile will help merge the gap between the current Plan Your Day website and the day of the event. Last fall, Andrew Quagliata and Lauren Shapiro (’12 New Media Design and Imaging major at RIT) began painting the picture for the mobile website. Lauren began designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) components of the mobile website in January. The design was then passed off to Jared Lyon, from RIT’s University Publications, for development. The site is based off a redesign of the Plan Your Day website, created by Lauren and Mark Marcello, also from University Publications. There are plans to develop a native application for future festivals.

One special feature of the mobile website, that’s not offered on the regular Plan Your Day website, is the feature “Search Nearby.” Visitors will be able to use their current location to search for surrounding exhibits. We can’t wait for visitors to use our new mobile website. We hope that visitors will find the site useful, especially in helping them find their way around at the festival.


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