Imagine RIT Provides Young Visitors the Chance to Imagine Their Future

Standing outside the Gordon Field House on May 3, 2008 I was so excited to watch car after car pull into the parking lots and visitors to the RIT campus make their way to the first annual Imagine RIT: Innovation & Creativity Festival. Having pulled together the program for the day, I knew we had organized a family friendly festival, but it was a pleasant surprise to see all of the parents with children in tow. Year after year, children of all ages realize that Imagine RIT is a fun way to spend a Saturday and a great chance to learn something new.

In addition to hundreds of student, faculty and staff created kid-friendly exhibits, we are always thinking of ways we can engage our visitors – especially our younger guests – while they attend Imagine RIT. Our Discovery Journey, a creative and informative self-guided exploration of RIT’s art and architecture on campus, has been fun for all ages the last three years. In an effort to help families find some of the most hands on and interactive kid friendly activities, we introduced “Imagine RIT 4 Kids” last year. We are retiring the Discovery Journey this year and have created a fun game for visitors, ages 10 to 17, to take its place.

The activity called Imagine Your Future has three parts. First, our young visitors will be provided a board-game like information sheet that includes 12 exhibits broken into four themed areas. If they get their game board signed by an exhibitor at three exhibits in any one of the themed areas, they can return the game to any Welcome Tent to earn an Imagine RIT Badge. Each of the interactive exhibits will allow children to engage in hands on learning and possibly realize new talents.

In the activity, if a child answers a few short pre and post festival questions about their career interests, they will be entered into a raffle to win an iPod Touch. Questionnaires can be completed at any Welcome Tent and parental consent must be obtained. The third part of the activity provides children the chance to let us know what they learned at Imagine RIT by visiting our web site. Any child that uploads a photo, sends us an email, writes us a letter, or mails us a drawing will be entered into a raffle for a Nook eReader.

Here’s an insider tip for those interested in participating in the Imagine Your Future Game: Consider adding these exhibits to your Plan Your Day itinerary:

Comic Book Collection Inspires Super You!

This Is Print

RIT Metalworks

Measuring Up the Savings

Sustainable Playhouse

Solar Race Cars, Photovoltaics, and Microelectroni

Explore the planets in 3D

Science in your Kitchen!

Making Cement!

Magic Mirror

Toyota Production Systems Lab

FIRST Robotics Experience


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