Post-festival Reflections: Dispatch

Each year we dedicate a phone line called “dispatch” for exhibitors and volunteers to call during Imagine RIT when they need help.  The dispatcher is typically a member of our student team.  These students always do a great job fielding calls and bringing resolution to problems with the help of RIT’s many wonderful service providers (FMS, Tech Crew, etc.).  This year dispatch received approximately 52 calls, most of them between 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.  I asked our 2012 lead dispatcher, Regis Pollard, to reflect on his role and the festival in general:

“Working as a part of the festival dispatch, I have the highly sought after position of dealing with problems that come up during the event.  We get dozens of calls mostly from exhibitors requesting equipment or having issues setting up.  We try to help everyone as best as we can and almost always can resolve the issues, but you really never know what to expect.  Since working dispatch my most memorable call was from a person informing us that a vehicle was rolling down a parking lot with no one inside.  Come to find out a visitor had accidently left their car in neutral and thankfully no one was hurt.

Once the calls slow down, every year I get a chance to step away and take in a few brief moments of the festival.  It is amazing because everywhere you look there is something interesting to see.  Whether it is a cool exhibit where you get to interact with robots or the Pep Band performing a popular song, there are so many things going on that draw your attention.  The Imagine RIT festival seems to get bigger and better each year and is something that a lot of people in the community look forward to attending.” 


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