Post-festival Reflections: A Final Story

My name is Nick Giordano, and I’m a Management Information Systems/Political Science double major here at RIT. I currently work as a student assistant in the Office of the President, and one of my jobs is to help out with Imagine RIT.

As a Rochesterian, I had always known about Imagine RIT.  I’d even gone to most of the past festivals, which was definitely one of the deciding factors that helped me choose RIT for my school.  When I got a job on campus that would have a direct part in helping put on the festival, I was ecstatic.

As May 5th got closer and closer, my office ramped up the different tasks it had to complete before the festival began. Mailing invites, contacting people, folding and sorting the volunteer and exhibitor t-shirts, creating signage and posters; the list went on and on.

Honestly, I don’t think humans are mentally prepared to fold that many t-shirts – let alone caffeinated college students that are worrying about homework and upcoming tests. But we persevered, jammed out to some music and folded all of those t-shirts you exhibitors and volunteers wear, one by one. Just remember that next time you pick your Imagine RIT T-shirts up!

Everyone was assigned a certain job for the day of the festival. Since I was new this year, I had the opportunity to try out several jobs. Some of us worked dispatch, the radio that connects all of the volunteers and organizers. Others distributed posters and t-shirts. We all started out bright and early at 7am.

I started out by driving around campus with an FMS truck to set up each of the Welcome Tents with everything they needed to be prepared for the thousands of people that would be visiting campus. Afterwards, I stayed down at the Ritz and helped hand out the volunteer lunches. I even got the chance to walk around and look at a ton of exhibits at the end of the day. Here I am pictured with a fellow student assistant, Amanda,  at an exhibit in Global Village.

After so many years of coming to see Imagine RIT, I love being a part of the team that helps to set up and run the festival. The innovation and creativity that comes from students here at RIT is amazing.  Imagine RIT lives up to its name and I’m looking forward to next year.


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