What Keeps Me Up At Night?

With 60 days until Imagine RIT, I thought it would be healthy to stop my frantic multi-tasking and breathe a moment (or two…or three…) while at my desk, and do a brain dump on the assorted tasks that are rapidly in need of completion and weighing on my mind, especially in the wee hours of the morning.  Yes, that’s right, like many of you out there, work is keeping me up at night.  Fortunately my sleeplessness will only last a couple of months until post-festival when I can relax and regroup until it’s time to gear up for the 2014 festival. Truthfully, I had the idea for this blog post a couple of weeks ago on the morning of a program committee meeting.  At that time, I joked with my colleagues about ending the blog post with…”I know what you are thinking. If she’s so busy, why is she taking time to write this?!”

Sometimes it looks like we are procrastinating or wasting time when we should be tackling something very necessary (like grocery shopping), but really what we are doing is mentally preparing ourselves – the whole time you are cleaning your office, you are organizing in your head the things that are most important to get done (that is, after you’ve finished cleaning your office).

So for those of you who follow this blog because you are interested in Imagine RIT and event planning, here is my To Do list that I made on paper the other night before I went to bed.  Dumping your head onto paper is a helpful sleep strategy, I have found.

  • Sesame Chicken, General Tso’s.., (oops, wait – flip the piece of paper over, Heather)
  • Get PO# for new printer
  • Update Logistics Wiki – first meeting March 11
  • Volunteer training – order captioning, finish training manual, plan webinars
  • Send order for door hangtags for dorms
  • Finish selections of exhibits for Field House
  • Make VIP list
  • Activate lunchbox software for t-shirt pickup
  • Prepare for co-op’s first day
  • Email volunteers from last year
  • Follow up on poster contest voting gallery to launch next week
  • Follow up on volunteer registration system to launch next week
  • Enter food tents into proposal system
  • Are t-shirt designs complete? send to vendor
  • VIP badges – design and order
  • Prizes and trophies for e-durance challenge
  • Meet with FMS to plan set up for e-durance challenge
  • Review signage plan 

Of course there’s more, but that’s the quick list I made the other night so I hope you enjoyed it.  http://www.rit.edu/imagine 


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