What if you could…

What if you could perform in Carnegie Hall or ride a submarine underwater without leaving your own living room? Come to Imagine RIT on Saturday, May 4 to see the possibilities.

Turn Your Living Room into Carnegie Hall is a 3D visual display prototype created by RIT professor, Dr. Sungyoung Kim, which allows the viewer to perceive they are in a different space than they actually are.

Kim’s exhibit at Imagine RIT will use state-of-the-art virtual acoustics technology to allow a viewer in a small classroom to experience a large concert hall. This creation can help musicians perform more efficiently in their acoustic conditions, for example, helping a musician practice for an audition at Carnegie Hall right in their own living room.

Not only will the viewer be able to see a different space, but their own voice or sound of their room will be changed to represent the different acoustical setting. This is done through a process called “virtual acoustics,” which can take the acoustical fingerprints of a location such as Carnegie Hall in NYC, and recreate it in another space!

For more information about this exhibit, and to add it to your preplanned itinerary, visit the Plan Your Day website!



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