What Now?

The surveys are in.  Debriefing meetings are ongoing.  The accounting is almost complete.  An annual report has been drafted, and a sponsor’s report is on the way.  We review the photography and video footage taken during the festival.  We attempt to thank, both formally and in passing, each and every person who contributes to Imagine RIT – which is just about every person on campus, by the way.  These are among the many things that we festival organizers do in the weeks following an event like Imagine RIT.

Sure, it is not as stressful.  And yes, it is more relaxed, or as I like to put it, “normal”.  But this does not mean that hard work isn’t being done to prepare for Imagine RIT 2014 in 312 days.  It is a time to digest, synthesize, analyze and simply, think.  Develop a plan of work and get to it.  And that’s exactly what we are doing.

Conversations abound regarding ideas for next year.  Save the date magnets are in and are magnetdraft(3) 2014being distributed whenever and wherever it is appropriate.  Some internal marketing pieces are already in development.  A new planning timeline has been drafted based on RIT’s first year with semesters rather than quarters, and meetings are being set up to discuss current challenges as well as brand new ideas.  We will ask ourselves:  What changes are a priority, and what can we realistically accomplish in 312 days?  Are these ideas logistically and financially feasible?  What will have the greatest impact on the visitor experience at Imagine RIT?  How does our marketing need to change if at all?  And so it goes…

I look forward to sharing news about Imagine RIT 2014 in the coming weeks and months.  Stay tuned!


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