Tiger Paws – A New Way to Control your PC!


Each Tuesday between now and Imagine RIT on Saturday, May 3, 2014, we will share exclusive festival highlights.

The future of the computer mouse is here, and it’s at Imagine RIT! Tiger Paws is the next step in interface and interaction design, using 3D gesture and motion tracking to control your computer. The technology utilizes the Leap Motion controller to detect hand movement, allowing users to interact with virtual environments in 3D. At the festival, visitors can use their hands to bounce a virtual ball, knock over a wooden block tower, or spin and manipulate a virtual globe.


Picture 1.1: Robert from the Tiger Paws team controls a virtual globe with hand gestures.

Tiger Paws showcases the unlimited potential of 3D interface design. Over the past few months, every member of the team put in countless hours to bring the project to fruition – be sure to check them out on May 3rd at Imagine RIT this year!


Picture 1.2: The Tiger Paws team! (From left to right: Tejas Padliya, Jie Yuan, Niraj Katkamwar, Robert McCartney, Alberto Scicali, Harsimrat Parmar)


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