The STEM in Strongman

Thanks to the support of sponsors like  Time Warner Cable‘s Connect a Million Minds (CAMM), Imagine RIT is alive and well and gearing up for its 7th year in just 22 days.


CAMM’s current theme is “STEM in Sports” and this inspired us to look at some of our Imagine RIT exhibits that don’t at first glance fit the STEM bill.

Our annual Strongman exhibit is one of these.

Well, did you know there is a “load” of physics behind weightlifting?  Terms like area of balance and center of gravity come into play.  Weightlifters and their barbells are essentially seesaw levers.

Since the inception of Imagine RIT in 2008, the RIT Weightlifting Club has used the Imagine RIT festival as a venue to hold their annual Strongman competition. The Strongman, consisting of a variety of different strength exercises, gives the competitors a chance to display their accomplishments as strongmen and women.

At the event they will be lifting atlas stones…



flipping tires…



And have a medley that includes a yoke carry, farmers walk, and keg carry.


In addition to these events, contestants will also use their strength to pull heavy trucks down the roadway.

The Weightlifting Club regularly lifts at the gym and members also compete in various local competitions.  If you are interested in learning about the club or want to see these competitors in action, make sure to stop by the Strongman 2014 exhibit at Imagine RIT this year on Saturday, May 3rd!  The event is held in a prime viewing location between the Gordon Field House and Clark Gym.





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