Behind Imagine RIT: Co-op Students


As pictured in my majestic glory, my name is Juan Lachapelle and I’m currently a 3rd year Advertising and Public Relations/ Philosophy double major student at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I’m on co-op (or internship or cooperative learning etc) under Imagine RIT focusing on social media and anything else Imagine RIT related.

Small Tidbit about myself, I’m originally from Bronx, NY and came to RIT on a random whim. Never visited the campus or even knew how it looked like before I got on it that hot summer day back in 2012. Parents leaving in tears and me trying to get a feel for where I’m going to be for the next 4 years of my life. In about 3 years, I’ve joined a multitude of organizations, became integrated into the campus and started living on my own with some good friends. It’s been a rough but wonderful ride and my current stop is working with the Imagine RIT team and bringing you a glorious event.

My first experience with Imagine RIT was a short-lived one. I worked at a booth for Reporter Magazine and never really left it. It was nice seeing people come up and talking to them about our magazine but that was my entire day. My second year, I wanted to experience the festival to the fullest. I got some friends and we went to every building and every exhibit we could find. With that I was hooked. It’s a beautiful event for students to see what our colleagues are working on and staff to see what students can actually do. Then you have the Rochester community, being able to see what RIT is all about .

Throughout my time here I’ll be bringing you behind the scenes look at the things happening beyond the festival and interviews with people who make Imagine happen every year. I will be trying to post stories and articles weekly/bi-weekly so be on the lookout. You can ask me questions about Imagine RIT or just about anything though email ( or twitter (@jhlachapelle). Come back tomorrow for a look at my co-worker and second co-op student, Eric Lizotte.


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