Behind Imagine RIT: Co-op Students part 2


Hello readers, my name is Eric Lizotte and I am a third year Management Information Systems and New Media Marketing student at RIT. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and like most students it was a big change for me to move away from home. Fortunately for me I made some close friends rather quickly that I enjoyed going places with.

I remember some of the bigger events that I went to during my freshman year. I had attended homecoming, Freezefest, and I even walked through parts of Toracon. All of the events were huge, so I thought it was safe to assume that I had seen the largest events that RIT had to offer. Then I heard about an event called ImagineRIT.

All the advertisements I saw for it made ImagineRIT sound like the largest event that RIT had. Usually an event has to be large scale in order to merit a commercial on TV. Even though it seemed big I remember thinking that there was no way a one day event could be of a grander scale than Homecoming or Freezefest which lasted multiple days.

I was wrong.

On the day of the event I walked around campus with a few of my friends and saw that ImagineRIT truly was RIT’s signature event. It embodied the true spirit of innovation that no other event could. Seeing the creations that other students at RIT had produced truly made me proud to be an RIT student. After a day full of visiting exhibit and watching performances I decided that Imagine RIT was something that I wanted to be a part of.

Now it is my third year at RIT and I have a co-op position with Imagine RIT. It feels amazing to be contributing to RIT’s mission of innovation and creativity. As the festival gets closer I hope that some of you will also find the desire to be a part of Imagine RIT on May 2, 2015, whether it be as an exhibitor, a volunteer, or a visitor.


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