Exhibit Featurettes #2: Simply Accentastic

I got ten fingers to the sky,
My back to the wall, my white flag high,
Hair, lips, just like a gun,
She’s got silver bullets on her tongue,
He’s deep under her spell,
I’m screamin’ out, but it just won’t help

   -Put the Gun down, ZZ Ward

The voices that have been making hearts stop since 2009 with their unique sound and atypical repotire for an acepella group. Vocal Accent (VA) is an all-female group that sing a variety of songs like: “Dead Memories” by Slipknot, “How you doin” by Lil Mix and my personal favorite “Put the Gun down” by ZZ Ward. The songs are arranged by members themselves or found and modified. They’ve lended their talents to a variety of shows around Rochester like Fringe Fest and often collaborate with other acapella groups for on-campus shows.

Raelynn Janicke, 3rd year audio engineering and current business manager for Vocal Accent and Jane Brown, 1st year new media marketing are two members of the group who adore the diversity and singing styles of their fellow members. “We have girls in sororities, girls with tattoos…” said Jane “and as Raelynn said earlier we don’t do the typical pop kind of music you would see in “Pitch Perfect”.

Soloist Lisa Castore and the rest of VA performing at their 2014 Accentastic Concert

The acapella groups on campus hold auditions for new members every year. Raelynn auditioned due to some convincing from her high school friends and doesn’t regret that decision “I have grown so much as a person and singer “ said Raelynn “you are so influenced by the people around you and it makes you a better person”.

They are currently deciding on their song list for Imagine RIT, hoping to expand their audience and fanbase beyond RIT students and faculty. If you wish to get a taste of their songs before imagine, their next show dubbed Accentastic is on April 25th in Ingle Auditorium at 7:30pm

TSThe entire group performing at a concert

To anyone that have never seen them live, Raeylnn can only say to “Expect the unexpected”. Check out their website at http://ritvocalaccent.weebly.com/about.html for more infomation and videos of other performances. Catch them and other performers on our many performance stages throughout the day during Imagine RIT.


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