Exhibit Featurette #3: A-B-Cs of Hacking

“Grab that highlighted thing over there and drag it to the machine” explained Jaime Geiger. “Hit launch and now you got your red lightning bots”

In less than 3 clicks, I hacked my first computer. I blue screened it, took screenshots, and grabbed all of its account passwords. It was awesome. This emotional high of power in my finger tips brought computer security into perspective. Not all computer hacking is this easy but this exhibit shows you how vulnerable your computers and devices actually are.

hack1 Jaime Geiger and Nicholas Piazza with their hacking demo

Nicholas Piazza and Jaime Geiger, both 3rd year computer security majors, and their team of fellow students in RIT’s Competitive CyberSecurity Club (RC3) will be showing visitors not only how to hack their first computer but tips to help keep themselves secure from common threats. They will be covering famous and common vulnerabilities/exploits like the recent Heartbleed and MS08_067_netapi which has made Windows XP obsolete and unsafe.

hack2Heartbleed demo and explanation in comic form (link)

My first foray into hacking was through a program know as Armitage which allowed for easy to set-up hacking scenarios and visuals to see how things are being done in real time. Exploits and vulnabilties for the session were set-up for me to use and I was shadowed by the men with instructions.

When an exploit is found, many things can happen depending on who finds it. Many companies, like google, have dedicated teams whose purpose is to find and fix exploits that have not been found before. The ethical way would be to disclose the  exploit to a company in hopes that they fix it. “Normal practice is 30-90 days” said Piazza. “If a company still hasn’t gotten anywhere with it, some people decide to release it as open-source to let the public know”

 hack4Exposed administrator passwords of a demo banking site

The team is hoping to keep people informed about information security and why its becoming more and more prevalent in the real world. “This is only scratching the surface of all this stuff” said Geigar “This is what we do, day in and day out and we love it”


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