Exhibit Featurette #2: Experience New Interactions with DIVIDR

The team that created DIVIDR participated and placed first in the 2016 iOS App Challenge  competition which took place earlier this semester. The event was a hackathon sponsored by Apple.  The mission of this year’s app challenge was to create an app that utilized multiple operating systems. For those that don’t know, Apple currently supports four operating systems: iOS, OS X , watchOS, and tvOS.

The DIVIDR team initially created their game app for iOS using Apple’s native language, swift. Then, taking that same app, they optimized it for the tvOS system. The hackathon ran from Thursday, January 28th through Midnight on Sunday the 31st. Out of the 25 teams that entered the hackathon, DIVIDR rose to the top, taking first place.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of app could work on multiple devices. So, now I introduce to you, DIVIDR.

At Imagine RIT, you will be able to experience the different control methods for this app on cell phones, tablets, and a television. To operate the app on the phone, the team had to develop the game to work with the new pressure technologies. On the tablet, they are experimenting with using gyroscopic tilt control of the Apple Pencil to manipulate the game. Then, for the television application, they plan on using the swipe gestures of the remote’s track pad to navigate.

This fun exhibit will be located in the Recreation Zone in the Gordon Field House at Imagine RIT on Saturday, May 7th, 2016. To add this exhibit to Plan Your Day go here: https://www.rit.edu/imagine/planyourday16/exhibit.php?id=606  For more info on the hackathon and their app visit:  http://ritios2016.devpost.com/submissions.


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