Exhibit Featurette #3: So Many More S’mores

A crowd favorite at the Imagine RIT festival, More S’mores, is sure to bring in more crowds than ever this year. Not only because the group has expanded, but also because they have also improved and doubled their s’more making efforts by introducing a new portable s’more machine! Both groups are part of the Senior Design Manufacturing Engineering Technology course here at RIT.
If you haven’t experienced the s’mores machine before here’s how it works. To create the perfectly roasted s’more, the team has built a self-contained automated s’more making unit. This will be the third rendition, S’mores 3.0 if you will, and it will be the best yet. Not only have they made the process faster, but they’ve also received a sponsor from Hershey’s for four different types of chocolate this year. The visitors will be able to choose between white chocolate, cookies and cream, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. There are also unique choices for the graham cracker portion which includes, chocolate, cinnamon, or honey. To put the final touch on the experience,  you’ll get a little package labeled with MFET including your s’more inside.
Here’s a video about last year’s s’mores maker!
Now if you’re wondering what the difference is between the portable version and the original, here’s some of the specs. The portable s’mores machine is much more compact that last year’s S’mores 2.0. The portable unit will also run off of a standard 120-volt wall outlet
Are you still worried about wait time for this fabulous exhibit? Well, the new innovations on both machines can have multiple s’mores being created at once! You’ll just have to wait to see the completed results at Imagine RIT on Saturday May 7th, 2016! Both exhibits can be located in the Gordon Field House.

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