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Poster To Commemorate Anniversay

Since the inception of Imagine RIT in 2008 we have hosted a poster design contest for RIT students to showcase their artistic innovation and creativity.

And this year is no exception.

With upwards of 70 entries annually, the online voting gallery is always a big hit among students, faculty, and staff as well as anyone who decides to visit our website to vote for their favorites.

The winner is announced by mid-March and then visitors to Imagine RIT can pick up a free copy of the winning design printed in a vertical, 14″ x 20″ format, suitable for displaying in a dorm room, home or office.

Are you a collector of posters from festivals past?  Perhaps you are missing one?  Visit our website where you can download and print any one of the past nine years’ winners.

RIT students who wish to enter this year’s contest may do so by February 17.

In commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of Imagine RIT, we have created a compilation poster displaying nine years’ of posters in a grid format. This is also available for download on our website, and after Intersession (holiday break) we will make this poster available to students, faculty and staff for pick up in specific locations around campus.  Stay tuned!


innovation + creativity = 10

That’s right!

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, we will celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival.

Mark your calendars and look for many more blog posts about what we have in store for our anniversary – which also happens to be Dr. Bill Destler’s finale as President!

By the way, if you are reading this and you were an exhibitor in the inaugural festival (2008)? We want to hear from you!  Please respond in the comments and let us know if (and how) we can contact you.

Exhibit Featurette #4: Your Watch, Your Band, Click.

The recent announcement of the Apple watch has stirred the world once again as Apple tries its hand into the wearable smart device market. Coming in at a variety of price points and styles, the Apple watch aims to fit any person’s needs for any occasion. However, Apple has overlooked an important part of any watch that adds to its character: the band. Limited and expensive, the Apple’s watchbands add little to the overall flavor and color of the watch. A young student and his team grabbed the opportunity and aim to change that.

Brandon Hudson, 1st year Computer Science and CEO of SevenSeveteen, is the mastermind behind Click. It is the first watchband adapter for the Apple Watch. The adapter is able to take any 22mm watchband of your choosing and use it for your watch. The adapter itself can fit all styles of the apple watch and comes in silver and gray. The company will also plan to sell some of its own bands after the launch of the adapter at a much lower cost compared to Apple’s.

03Example of the adapters in gray

“I’m a huge Apple fan by nature and I happened to watch the keynote last year…” said Hudson “They claimed it was the most personable device ever made but they only offered 18 watchbands” He relates the adapter and bands to Iphone cases with its various shapes, colors and styles that can really bring out someone’s personality.

Possible style options when wearing the watch thanks to the adapter.

After the keynote, he put together a team of students from a variety of disciplines to help him design, create and market the idea to others. Before the start of its Kickstarter, he secured a patent and had talks with manufacturers who were interested in making the adapters and bands. It has been featured on many popular apple blogs, websites and news media with the Kickstarter funded with over $50,000 in less than a week since its launch. They are hoping to start off selling them online first then possibly expand to retail in the future.

 click1The team of students and their mentor as featured on their kickstarter.

Check our their Kickstarter and website. Make sure to check them out at Imagine RIT to have a first look and feel of the adapter itself!

Behind Imagine RIT: 5 Years and counting

Regis Pollard headshot

Hello, All!  My name is Regis Pollard and I currently am a graduate student in the MBA program at RIT.  I did my undergraduate work at RIT as well, and have worked with the festival my entire time here.  When I’m not at work or in class, I usually can be found playing on a variety of intramural teams on campus.  I am also head baseball coach at a local school district, which keeps me involved in the community.

Over the last 5 years I have had a chance to work at many different positions with Imagine RIT.  This year I am the Educational Outreach Coordinator, working with local school districts and charter schools to assist in planning trips to campus the day of the festival.  I am also helping to coordinate and assign positions to the over 600 volunteers that we get every year.  I don’t think the average person realizes how much planning and preparation goes into making the festival successful.  No detail is overlooked and we are continually trying to make the day better for our visitors, exhibitors and volunteers.

Although I haven’t had the chance to enjoy the festival as a visitor, because I am busy working the entire day, I have heard nothing but great things.  It is such a positive experience for people to come to campus and see all the incredible things that RIT students, faculty, and staff are doing.  The creativity and innovation present at all the exhibits is impressive, and really makes you believe that anything is possible.  The day is one of the highlights of the year for the campus and community, and I look forward to the first Saturday in May each and every year.

Behind Imagine RIT: Co-op Students part 2


Hello readers, my name is Eric Lizotte and I am a third year Management Information Systems and New Media Marketing student at RIT. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and like most students it was a big change for me to move away from home. Fortunately for me I made some close friends rather quickly that I enjoyed going places with.

I remember some of the bigger events that I went to during my freshman year. I had attended homecoming, Freezefest, and I even walked through parts of Toracon. All of the events were huge, so I thought it was safe to assume that I had seen the largest events that RIT had to offer. Then I heard about an event called ImagineRIT.

All the advertisements I saw for it made ImagineRIT sound like the largest event that RIT had. Usually an event has to be large scale in order to merit a commercial on TV. Even though it seemed big I remember thinking that there was no way a one day event could be of a grander scale than Homecoming or Freezefest which lasted multiple days.

I was wrong.

On the day of the event I walked around campus with a few of my friends and saw that ImagineRIT truly was RIT’s signature event. It embodied the true spirit of innovation that no other event could. Seeing the creations that other students at RIT had produced truly made me proud to be an RIT student. After a day full of visiting exhibit and watching performances I decided that Imagine RIT was something that I wanted to be a part of.

Now it is my third year at RIT and I have a co-op position with Imagine RIT. It feels amazing to be contributing to RIT’s mission of innovation and creativity. As the festival gets closer I hope that some of you will also find the desire to be a part of Imagine RIT on May 2, 2015, whether it be as an exhibitor, a volunteer, or a visitor.

Behind Imagine RIT: Co-op Students


As pictured in my majestic glory, my name is Juan Lachapelle and I’m currently a 3rd year Advertising and Public Relations/ Philosophy double major student at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I’m on co-op (or internship or cooperative learning etc) under Imagine RIT focusing on social media and anything else Imagine RIT related.

Small Tidbit about myself, I’m originally from Bronx, NY and came to RIT on a random whim. Never visited the campus or even knew how it looked like before I got on it that hot summer day back in 2012. Parents leaving in tears and me trying to get a feel for where I’m going to be for the next 4 years of my life. In about 3 years, I’ve joined a multitude of organizations, became integrated into the campus and started living on my own with some good friends. It’s been a rough but wonderful ride and my current stop is working with the Imagine RIT team and bringing you a glorious event.

My first experience with Imagine RIT was a short-lived one. I worked at a booth for Reporter Magazine and never really left it. It was nice seeing people come up and talking to them about our magazine but that was my entire day. My second year, I wanted to experience the festival to the fullest. I got some friends and we went to every building and every exhibit we could find. With that I was hooked. It’s a beautiful event for students to see what our colleagues are working on and staff to see what students can actually do. Then you have the Rochester community, being able to see what RIT is all about .

Throughout my time here I’ll be bringing you behind the scenes look at the things happening beyond the festival and interviews with people who make Imagine happen every year. I will be trying to post stories and articles weekly/bi-weekly so be on the lookout. You can ask me questions about Imagine RIT or just about anything though email ( or twitter (@jhlachapelle). Come back tomorrow for a look at my co-worker and second co-op student, Eric Lizotte.

Imagine RIT Exhibits Live On

It’s important for you to know that the research, business plans, prototypes, and other types of exhibits one will experience during Imagine RIT, do not fade away after our one day festival, but rather they live on as RIT students, faculty and staff continue to develop and refine their work.

MotionSavvy is one such exhibit – an application that will translate a hand shape into a text letter of the alphabet in sign language.

Check out this video on CNET’s website.  A captioned version of this video may be found on YouTube.

 Other great press placements for MotionSavvy may be found in:

The RIT/NTID students involved include: Ryan Hait-Campbell, Alex Opalka, Wade Kellard, Jordan Stemper, Daniel Mooney, Claire Bernard, and Robert Dooling.  In 2013, the team was accepted in and completed RIT’s Summer Start-Up course for new businesses at RIT’s Saunders College of Business and the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  This was followed by an award of $25,000 and acceptance into Leap Motion’s LEAP AXLR8R in San Francisco to help further their work.  MotionSavvy has also been developed as part of RIT’s research in Effective Access Technology.